Vicki Fischenich

Engineered Tissue Solutions (ETS)

1. Name of your organization and your current role/title:
Vice President of Clinical Affairs
Engineered Tissue Solutions (ETS) Wound Care 
The Heraeus Group

2. How long have you been engaged as an Alliance member? 

3. What is an example of when the Alliance added value to the wound care space or to your business specifically? 
The Alliance adds value specifically for ETS by providing the support of bringing clarity and interpretation of CMS changes.  These changes are difficult to interpret and as a company not being involve could potentially lead to poor business decisions. Most importantly it provides us with a voice, not that every decision positive or negative can be altered but you are given the opportunity to be heard and considered. The Alliance has built the credibility that allows our industry opinions to be heard. 

4. What career advice do you live by? 
Find something that you’re passionate about. If you do not feel yourself growing or valued …you have not found your place. Do not settle and do not lose your passion. Go find it!
5. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?
Other health care companies’ competitors and non-competitors, because as different as we maybe there is significant common ground. We should be collaborating and identifying these common needs and supporting them.  Do we really need a referee?

6. What does an ideal day off look like to you?
Easy a day on the lake no phone (very hard) or no computer (totally lost) and reading a non-medical book (it’s been a while!). And, limited to maybe one grandchild that can feed themselves…
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