Innovative Technologies Transforming Wound Care

Innovations in the wound care space drives not only clinical improvements in terms of healing, but also improve the lives of patients through enhancements in convenience, portability and mobility of treatments. Read first-person perspectives on wound care innovation from thought leaders in the wound care space.


John Harper

John Harper, PhD, Former Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Acelity (now 3M)

Twenty-five years ago, wound care depended on two core areas: dressings that protected the wound and antimicrobial creams/ointments to control infection and bacteria in the wound. That was essentially it. Dressings had to often be changed daily  - if not more frequently - by a healthcare practitioner. This could be painful for the patient and time-consumer for practitioners. Innovations today have been driven by our improved understanding of the underlying etiology of wounds. Looking ahead, patients will be well-served by progress in the portability, mobility and enhanced convenience of advanced wound care treatment modalities.

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