Members, regulators, payers, policymakers, and a broad range of other supporters and stakeholders on the value of membership and the accomplishments and impact of the Alliance. 

"The Alliance is an amazing group to marry industries and societies. It represents so many important topics. There is really no other body that assembles that type of talent and ability in such a proactive way."
Hear about the evolution of the Alliance and perspectives from thoughtleaders in the wound care community on Alliance activities, accomplishments and impacts. 
"What the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders is doing is absolutely essential for the progress and success of wound care moving forward and I am so proud of the way they use evidence and our evidence-based guidelines to move forward." 
"The Alliance does wonderful work in representing all of us to deal with the threats that keep coming at us from all directions. We used to refer to these threats as waves because they would come and go and there were times where we would actually have moments of reprieve. But lately it’s not a wave, it’s a tsunami. The Alliance will take it on and do an incredible job proactively coming up with strategies for oncoming threats. The Alliance is behind us and speaks for us in one loud clear voice, dealing with all of the various issues and policy that come down the pike." 
"The Alliance is a powerful voice with government and with private payers. They thoroughly evaluate proposed medical policies, they get back with sound evidence-based responses and recommendations. They're far more effective than any of us could be on our own in the wound care space."
"Having the opportunity to collaborate is invaluable to all of us. With so many changes in health care, having the Alliance there to help us keep on top of that and respond appropriately is really valuable to us and our profession."
"On numerous occasions, the collaboration between the APMA and the Alliance has resulted in substantial legislative gains and clinical improvements that have benefitted our patients." 
"It has been our privilege and pleasure to participate in the Alliance because it brings together clinicians and providers of other services in a way that is unprecedented. With the Alliance, we can have open discussions on a variety of topics and work collaboratively to improve the care of our patients."
"The Alliance is a respected and clinical voice to regulators and policymakers, which helps our work at the Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society with the power of a collective voice."
We enjoy the collective voice that the Alliance offers to those of us involved in the care of wound care patients. Of all the of the benefits that our relationship with the Alliance affords, the one that we enjoy best is the opportunity to collaborate with other societies, other clinicians, and industry to advocate for what is best for those of us involved in the care of wound care patients and – more than anything – to advocate for what is best for our patients. 
"We know our voice is louder when we share it with our inter-professional colleagues--physicians, surgeons, nurses, podiatrists, manufacturers, clinics—when we are all saying the same thing, fighting together to get our patients the care that they need. We know we are stronger when working together with the Alliance than apart."
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