impact policies to protect access to Wound Care products and services 

Through advocacy and educational outreach in the regulatory, legislative, and public arenas, the Alliance unites leading wound care experts to advocate on public policy issues that may create barriers to patient access to treatments or care. An umbrella organization that convenes the expertise of the full range of medical specialties involved in wound care, the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders provides a unique value proposition to members in that it:

  • Leverages the collective power of the Alliance members to ensure that wound care has a strong voice and a seat at the regulatory table when policies are being developed and decisions that impact wound care are made.
  • Represents real-world clinical and technical expertise on wound care issues, making the Alliance the champion on emerging issues of importance in wound care and positioning the Alliance as a recognized and respected go-to resource for regulatory agencies and other federal entities when addressing these issues.
  • Focuses exclusively on regulatory and legislative issues impacting wound care coverage, payment, coding, FDA issues and quality measures.
  • Provides important access to regulatory and policy decision makers via the strong network of federal and state regulatory and legislative contacts of Alliance leadership, staff and members.
  • Has the respect and recognition of regulatory and government agencies following a proven track record of successful advocacy, led by an experienced and dynamic CEO who is passionate about ensuring patient access to and reimbursement of quality wound care.  

We achieve this by:

  • Communicating frequently with federal policymakers regarding Alliance positions and needs when the policy is in its formative stage in order to address proposed or final policies.
  • Initiating and convening member meetings with Members of Congress and their staff, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) senior level staff, their contractors DMEMAC and A/B MAC Medical Directors, PDAC and FDA.
  • Convening membership to develop and submit comments to solve coverage, coding and payment issues and address quality issues that impact the Alliance’s members.
  • Monitoring and analyzing issues affecting quality, coverage, coding and payment impacting wound care clinical practice.
  • Serving as a resource to members in order to answer and clarify specific policy questions immediately.
  • Updating members regularly, alerting about new and draft policies, their anticipated impact and implications and when to take action.

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