Chris Rorick

LifeNet Health

1. Name of your organization and your current role/title:
LifeNet Health.  My current Role and Title:  Vice President, Corporate Reimbursement and General Manager, Biospecimen Research.  All organizational allograft product line interface with the payers for coverage when applicable.  Also work with our Biospecimen for Research Franchise.  We meet the demand for primary human cells, human tissues, and optimized media for scientific research, drug discovery, and safety testing for research studies.

2. How long have you been engaged as an Alliance member? 
Since 2010

3. What is an example of when the Alliance added value to the wound care space or to your business specifically?
I was completely new to the wound care industry back in 2010 and the Alliance team helped me to understand the Medicare landscape, including understanding changes in the payment rates for the various sites of service and the big change in 2014 with the bundled payment in the outpatient setting.  They have been outstanding in getting our organization in front of the changes, so we are proactive and not reactive.  We can be prepared for each of the what if scenarios.

4. What career advice do you live by? 
Don’t be too hasty to answer that email immediately, take some time to think about the response, and craft the message so that everyone sees the opportunity and not the challenge.
5. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?
Former Duke basketball coach Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski – He is such a great leader with a wonderful ability to build trust with this teams, which resulted in such loyalty, team play and cooperation. Such a great collective feeling to win consistently.

6. What does an ideal day off look like to you?
Out on the boat with my family, fishing, or just cruising around, watching the dolphins, and just relaxing. Any day on the boat is a good thing.
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