May 16, 2024
The Alliance provided oral testimony at the open public feedback sessions that each Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) held to collect stakeholder input on the proposed LCD "Skin Substitute Grafts/Cellular & Tissue-Based Products for the Treatment of DFU and VLU.”  The Alliance voiced support for the proposed LCD language permitting additional applications beyond the 4 application limit and the extension of the 12-week treatment period based on medical necessity with documentation provided in the patients’ medical record. The Alliance also requested more transparency and consistency regarding the evidentiary bar being applied to determine if coverage will be provided - noting that there are a number published, peer-reviewed studies supporting a range of products that for unknown reasons were not included on the MACs’ list of evidence reviewed. Finally, the Allianced encouraged the MACs to ensure they provide enough time to implement the LCD, once finalized, so not to negatively impact patient care. The comments below were delivered to: CGS Administrators (5/16/2024); First Coast Service Options (5/23/2024); National Government Services (5/16/2024); Noridian Healthcare Solutions (J-E on 5/16/2024; J-F on 5/16/2024); Novitas Solutions (5/24/2024); Palmetto GBA (5/29/2024) and WPS Insurance Corporation (5/22/2024). More detailed written comments will be submitted by the June 8 submission deadline. 

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