January 23, 2023
The Alliance, together with 100+ clinical and medical professional society organizations representing more than one million healthcare providers,  co-signed a letter to the new 118th Congress urging "comprehensive, transformative reforms" to the Medicare payment system over the next several years. The letter points to declining Medicare payments and the lack of an annual inflationary update in the Physician Fee Schedule, even though clinicians — many of whom are small business owners — contend with a wide range of shifting economic factors. "Year-over-year cuts, combined with a paucity of available alternative payment/value-based care models, clearly demonstrate that the Medicare payment system is broken...Reform is imperative to sustaining medical practices and ensuring a robust workforce to care for the growing number of America’s seniors. We again ask Congress to work with us on long-term, substantive payment reforms and urge Congressional hearings as soon as possible." 

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