Alliance co-chair

Dr. Matthew Garoufalis currently works at the Chicago V.A. Health Care System, as well as in private practice. He currently serves as the President of the International Federation of Podiatrists. He has been in the leadership of the American Podiatric Medical Association since 2003 and was its President from 2013-14 and on the Board of Trustees from 2003-2015. He has been given numerous honors and awards, has written over 25 articles, and served as an invited lecturer at state, national and international conferences and symposiums.

Why I'm Involved

I am involved with the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders because this is the only organization that can nimbly assimilate and respond to both private insurers and to CMS when it comes to defending and advocating for wound care providers - regardless of medical specialty. No other organization has the political will, the contacts, and know-how behind the scenes to affect positive change than the Alliance. This is the strongest political think tank on behalf of wound care providers and the products and devices that they must use to heal wounds and save lives. If it were not for the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders, we would not have a strong advocacy presence and unified voice. Without these, we’d be relegated to using primitive techniques in wound healing - and thousands, or even tens of thousands, of limbs and lives would be lost every year. The Alliance makes it a priority to educate the policy makers as wound care evolves, advances and changes.
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