Sept. 7, 2022 - The Alliance alerted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that changes to the way cellular and/or tissue-based products for skin wounds (CTPs, or “skin substitutes”) are coded and paid for in the physician office under the proposed 2023 Physician Fee Schedule will create barriers to care that could ultimately lead to increased amputations and infections for patients with chronic non-healing wounds. The Alliance urged CMS to delay implementation of the proposed provisions until patient access issues can be further studied. “Under the proposed 2023 policy, payments for CTPs and their application will simply not cover the costs to physician offices. Without adequate reimbursement, many physicians will no longer be able to afford to provide these medically necessary and successful advanced treatments to their patients. This would deprive patients these valuable treatment options which, in turn, could ultimately result in an increase in infections as well as amputations," the Alliance told CMS in submitted comments.
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