August 11, 2020
The Alliance co-signed a letter to the Senate Finance Committee expressing concern regarding legislation (S. 4295) that would allow Health and Human Services to extend the period of Medicare pass-through status in the hospital outpatient setting to any product with that status during the COVID public health emergency. As written, the proposed legislation would allow products that have already had well over the statutory period of two-to-three years to have extended pass-through time – in some cases, more than double the statutory limit. The letter focused on the impact such a pass-through extension would have on CTPs and noted the importance of ensuring access to all CTP products in the market to support clinical choice and patient value. “Extending the pass-through term of CTP products well beyond the normal pass-through period drastically detracts from that effort. We believe this skews patient access as it incentivizes use of these CTP pass- through products over others in an otherwise established market,” the letter stated.
See additional recommendations submitted to CMS in the full-text letter, below.

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