Co-founder and president of HealthNEXT
Former Senior Medical Director, Aetna e.Health and Corporate Medical Director for Aetna / US Healthcare National Accounts
Former Medical Director, CIGNA Health Plan of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

Raymond J. Fabius, MD, CPE, FACPE is currently co-founder and president of HealthNEXT – the emerging leader in building Cultures of Health. He spent the better part of two years researching benchmark employer, organizational and governmental efforts to shape its products and services.

Previously Dr. Fabius has served as Chief Medical Officer of Truven Health Analytics (now part of IBM Watson Health) and as Strategic Adviser for Walgreens Health & Wellness assisting them in their approach to population health. He was President and CMO of CHD Meridian / i-TRAX Healthcare, the leading provider of workplace health solutions. As global medical leader at General Electric, he was responsible for the health and safety of over 330,000 employees.

Dr. Fabius served as Senior Medical Director for Aetna e.Health activities, providing clinical leadership for Aetna’s website, InteliHealth, and the company’s data warehouse subsidiary, US Quality Algorithms. Dr. Fabius also served Aetna / US Healthcare as Corporate Medical Director for National Accounts; Corporate Medical Director for utilization management; disease management; and quality improvement. Prior to joining Aetna US Healthcare, Dr. Fabius served as medical director for CIGNA Health Plan of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Dr. Fabius is an adjunct faculty member of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the new School of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University and the American Association of Physicians Leadership where he is recognized as a Distinguished Fellow. He is the author of three books on population health – the latest one (now in its second edition) is a graduate school textbook entitled Population Health: Creating Cultures of Wellness.

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